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“NEOMEDIX” is inspired by the word NEW which means NEW ERA in healthcare. Established in April 2016 with an aim to provide quality healthcare which are affordable, rich & innovative products to improve the quality of life in the digital era. In a Short Span of time and a crowded & competitive business milieu “NEOMEDIX” has evolved as the fastest-growing organization in ophthalmology. This is due to the best quality products which are coming from the top manufacturing sites across the country. With innovative products, unmatched quality & customer satisfaction, NEOMEDIX has outperformed the leaders in the eyecare segment. We are thankful to healthcare professionals and their strong faith & trust shown towards NEOMEDIX.

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Providing high-quality, affordable healthcare medications across various medical fields.


Becoming a leading healthcare provider with innovative and trusted products.


Maintaining a top position in the healthcare industry ensuring quality and excellence.




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Revolutionary Solutions for Complex Healthcare Needs